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When I first decided to go it alone and build my own business I new that the way forward was to design a website that would appeal to every potential customer I could reach. The more I looked into it however, the more factors I found I had to consider, and eventually I got so confused about what to include and not to include I knew I was going to need some help. I searched the internet for some ideas on how to present my business profile, looking at sites that where already up and running but nothing came close to what I was looking for. That's when I came across Reason8. I have very limited knowledge on building websites, so the fact that Reason8 was so easy to understand made it ideal for me. The easy step by step instructions and video clips on how to get started were fantastic, and communication between us was swift, any enquiries made by email were answered almost immediately, and within days I had my website up and running. To begin with I used the basic framework provided by Reason8 and then later as interest in my business increased threw the website I decided to contact Reason8 again and upgrade. I filled in a really simple form telling them very briefly what I wanted, for example, the colours I wanted, or didn't want and pictures I wanted put on the website. I was worried that my description was so vague that it would be impossible for them to design something I wanted to the standard I wanted, but I needn't of worried because the results were truly amazing, much better than I could of ever imagined. The type of business I have is ever changing, new models of machinery are becoming available all the time, so I like the fact that I can access and edit the site easily. The business is now doing so well, that with Reason8 help, I have added a shop facility to my website. My business has benefited from having this professional looking website and I now reach customers from overseas instead of being restricted to local areas. I am really pleased with the service Reason8 provided and I will defiantly be recommending them.

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