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I am highly delighted with my website after being ripped off with 2 previous website designers who promised me the earth and did not deliver and also trying many build your own sites, I was amazed on how quickly I was able to build my sight and the quality of the sight. What really does impress me is that my main keywords are number 1 worldwide which is loose covers also sofa covers is up near the top too. If it was not for reason8 I definately would be out of business .Unbelievably my site comes higher in search engines than some of the national companies who I know spend thousands per year on promoting their sites.2008 was my best year so far in business and 95% of my business came through my website which I have never paid for advertising, ie pay per click, all my business came directly through from genuine searches on search engines.Having said all the above I have also purchased another website off reason 8 which is which is also now starting to feature highly in search engines. I was sceptical with reason 8 claims but I cannot recommend them enough if anybody would like to contact me through my website link and speak to me personally please do.

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