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I can say in all honesty that building a website hosted by Reason8 is the best career move I have ever made!!I am painter and started building my website with Reason8 nearly 3 years ago, as a way of displaying my artwork and running a business from home. I am a mother of three small children and running an on-line business suits me perfectly. In the three years I have had the website I have undertaken commissions and sold paintings to people on all continents. My paintings are organised in series based around themes or subjects. To give just some examples of successes: My MOTHERHOOD SERIES was found by a university lecturer in Brisbane, Australia, who put my paintings on the syllabus for her students and uses my artwork as a backdrop for university conferences. She recently published a book and used a painting from the Motherhood page for the book cover. My LANGUAGE SERIES was found by someone who organises Language Festivals. In the year 2007 most paintings from the LANGUAGE page appeared on posters, in newspapers and were made into a small book. and The SHAMANISM SERIES has been visited by people from all over the UK and indeed all over the world. My website was visited by a prominent UK author who is now using my artwork in his books and has recommended my work to his colleagues and publisher.  Just this week I was contacted by a French professor in Mathematics to discuss the possibility of producing a series of paintings about concepts in higher mathematics and quantum physics&The list goes on and on! Since building the website I have sold artwork to people in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the USA, most European countries  to mention but a few. I have gone from painting in my studio at home and selling work locally to running an international business on-line. Do I need to say more?!Visitors to my website give the feedback that it is easy to navigate and that the artwork looks stunning. People have told me that they have visited my website for inspiration regarding their own website. The Reason8 software is easy to use and videos offering tutorials in various aspects of website building are available any time. On the few occasions I have got stuck, I have contacted customer support and they have always responded quickly and helpfully. To sum it up: the service Reason8 provides has allowed me the website of my dreams and this website has brought me opportunities beyond my wildest dreams!

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