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Integrated Shopping cart

Adding a shopping basket to your website couldn’t be easier. Simply click one button and a complete world class shopping basket system is added.

Usually, building a website with a fully functioning shopping basket can be a nightmare.  Interfacing your new website with a shopping cart relies on a lot more technical knowledge than the average  business owner has.   You need to tell the shopping basket how much each product costs, what options the client has chosen and the shipping values. This information then needs to be passed from your website to the shopping basket before your merchant bank can take payment for the goods. 
We recognised that many small businesses were struggling to create websites because this was too big a hurdle.  Even those pioneering companies that managed to navigate the choppy waters of e-commerce had problems with the addition of new items or switching off items when they ran out of stock.

However, Reason8 makes it simple. We have an interface to Mal’s e-commerce (one of the most respected website companies on the internet).  With the press of a single button every item that you add to your online shop  a common set of add to basket, checkout  and view basket buttons are added and a comprehensive technical interface to the shopping basket system is generated.

This is done without the need of any technical knowledge or coding experience.
What's more, the super simple interface allows you to manage your stock (adding items, pausing items out of stock and even moving between categories and groups) within a database that is usually found in dedicated online shopping systems that cost thousands.

You can even add the checkout functionality that customers expect from much larger online stores

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