Set up your Shopping Basket

Set up your Shopping Basket


Turning on your shopping basket

Where do I start?

Before you turn on your shopping basket it is important to create at least one or two items. Using Step 4 Groups & Items. If you turn on your basket before listing any items your basket will be live without any items for purchasers to buy. For more help on adding items see our Help Videos.

Once your items are ready you will need to set up the shopping cart. To turn the shopping basket on press the Sell Online button to the left of your Control Panel. The linking of basket to your website will be done automatically by our system. You will then receive two emails, one from Reason 8 and one from Mal's e-commerce.  We suggest you print these out and read the instructions before proceeding.

What is Mal's e-commerce?

Mal's e-commerce is a well recognised shopping basket provider, whose system is powerful, safe and reliable. It is already linked directly to Reason 8 so the set up process is minimal. For more information you can go to

Once you have receive the email from Mal's e-commerce go to their website and use the login details to access your account.

 Logging into your basket

  1. Open the email sent to you by Mal's ecommerce.
  2. Login to the shopping basket set up for you in Mal's e-commerce by going to and entering the login information provided in the email.
  3. The first time you login you will be asked to setup a secure password to collect your orders.
  4. Click on the TAB at the top 'Cart setup'

Payment payment providers

To take money on the internet you need a payment provider, known as a merchant bank. The type of payment provider you use online may be different from the one you use everyday.

The best known payment provider is PayPal. They provide a merchant account so your site can accept credit & debit cards as well as PayPal accounts. Upgrading to a merchant account is easy and can be done directly via PayPal.

How the money is transferred from your merchant account to your standard bank account depends on your payment provider. Most hold the money for you to withdraw or send the funds to your account on a regular basis.

The standard shopping cart supports the following payment providers:

  • Google Checkout
  • PayPal Standard
  • No Chex
  • Moneybookers
  • MoneybookersPaymate
  • Paymate

Mal's e-commerce also provides a premium cart service. The monthly cost is £5.50 a month and give access to a further 42 payments providers as well as other professional tools.

Setting up your payment provider (PayPal)

  1. Click 'Payment Methods'
  2. Click 'Paypal'
  3.  At the top of the page enter the email address that you used to login to PayPal
  4.  Underneath choose the option 'Website Payments Standard'
  5.  Scroll to the bottom of the page click 'Update Paypal Settings'
  6. Your shopping basket is now connected to your PayPal account

Setting your Shipping Costs

If you need to set shipping, click 'Tax & Shipping' then 'Shipping' in the options to the left. There are 8 options for calculation your shipping costs. These range from a single flat fee per item or order. To creating complex arrays depending on region etc.

For more information on setting up your shipping costs go to

Other options

Once you become familiar with your shopping basket there are other more advanced options such as :

  • Selling Gift Vouchers
  • Changing sales tax
  • Discount schemes
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Customised payment gateways

Testing the Shopping Cart

Each time you make changes to your cart ensure you test it is working correctly. This can be done in two ways.

  1. Click 'Test Cart' in Mal's to ensure that your settings work
  2. Create a dummy item in your shop for a nominal amount such as 1p. Purchase the dummy item through your website. Ensuring you complete the transaction by paying for the item. This method lets you see the process your clients go through when buying from your website. You will even see the emails the client receives.Use this test to make notes on any adjustments you need to make.

A final note on selling electronic goods

Your shopping basket also allows you to sell electronic goods such as Sound, Video or documents.

Click here for a full guide on Selling Electronic Goods


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