Ordering a customised template design

Ordering a customised template design


Tips on getting the most out of your customised template design.

Custom Designed Template

By commissioning a customised template for your website you get the best of both worlds. A professionally designed template and a fully editable website. A template specifically customised to your business can make a big difference to the overall look of your website. 

What does the design cover?

The design of your template includes changes to the following:

  • Template Header
  • Template Footer
  • Background Colours and design

Getting the most out of your design

Not everyone knows exactly how they want their template to look.
Whether or not you have a clear idea of what you want, or are searching for ideas our 5 Step guide will help you get the most out of your design.

Step 1: Getting Focused

Before you begin its important to create a list of all the fixed aspects that must be included within the design such as:

•    Company logo
•    Company colour scheme
•    Company name and slogan

These features will have a great deal of influence over how your design looks. If your business has a predetermined colour scheme then it is important that your website follows the same theme.

Step 2: Structure

Website Width

The width of a website is measured in pixels (px). Most websites now are created as 1000px wide. This width fills the screen on the average users PC without the need to scroll the page left to right.

If you choose a width that is narrower than 1000px, a coordinating background as added behind your site.

Your Menu buttons

Your website can accommodate either vertical or horizontal menu buttons. Your design will be created around which you choose.

It is possible to create your menu buttons within the template design itself. However the buttons will not be dynamic. This means you cannot add or remove pages, change your website name without ordering a new design. In addition the search engines will not be able to properly follow the links within the buttons which could affect how they list your pages.

Extra Links in the Header

You can opt to have buttons within the header for your Home page, Contact Us page or Login screen. If you choose not to include these buttons in teh header they can be added dynamically with the rest of your navigation buttons.

Step 3: Text

Business name

Decide on a title for your website. The title is usually either your business or trading name.

Slogan & Other Text

If your business has a slogan you may want to include it or any other text within the template.

Style & Effects

You can specify the exact font for the text used, or provide a description of the font style.  You can select the text colour or leave our designers to choose something appropriate for the colour scheme.

Did you know your text doesn’t have to be static? We can add effects to make it move, bounce, glow or twinkle.

Step 4: Images


To include a logo ensure it is uploaded when completing the design form. Tell us how dominate you want the logo to be and were you’d like it positioned.
As part of the design we can change the size of a logo or blend it into a template. However we are unable to create logo’s or make changes to an existing design.


Images can be added to your template in a number of ways. They can form the background, be used singularly, or looped together to create a slide show effect.

When you order a template ensure that all of the images you want included are attached.  Try to upload smaller images if possible as this will speed up the submission of the form and prevent your computer from timing out before they are uploaded.

If you require more than 5 images in your template then let us know before you place the order so we can ensure extra images are submitted too.

Step 5: Design & Style

Once you've chosen the main elements of your website you need to decide upon the style.

What type of feel do you want your website to have ? Contemporary or Classic ? Minimalist or Complex ? Bright or Subtle ? If you are still unsure feel free to include within the design form a link to an example website.

 Include any colour preferences, layout ideas you have. The more information you provide the designers with the easier it will be to create the look you want. If you are still unsure tell us and let our designers put a scheme together for you.

What doesn’t the design cover?

Unfortunately the template design does not include the following:

  • Changes to the Menu Buttons
  • Adding or changing images within the website
  • Adding text to the website pages
  • Creating buttons
  • Adding / changing items within a shop
  • Creating  Hyperlinks
  • Creating Logos


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