Advertising Your Website on the Search Engines

Advertising Your Website on the Search Engines


How to pay for a top position in the search engines using PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

What Is PPC

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing allow businesses and individuals to buy listings in their search results based around given search phrase criteria. These listings appear along with the natural, non-paid search results and are always at the top of the page.

What Will I Need For PPC

  • Registered with the search engine of your choice, if not all.
  • A list of key phrases which you believe will generate you traffic.
  • A set budget. It is important to remember that PPC can be a very expensive method of advertising if not controlled.

Why Use PPC

PPC can be seen as a highly effective form of advertising for your business. It is guaranteed quick results and for this reason alone is often used by businesses starting out online whilst their organic search engine placement is being worked on.

This form of online advertising also holds the huge benefit of being flexible. Making changes to your websites organic optimisation will take time to implement, but with PPC you will be able to edit you key phrases and advert in hours. This benefit allows customers to adjust to a difficult market place which is forever changing. If you would like more information on PPC you can download our guide here - PPC (Pay Per Click) Guide

How Does PPC Work

Select the search engine you want to advertise with and create an account. The ad's you place are triggered by the series of words (Keywords) that a users types. If a user types in the same words you have selected as your keywords then your ad will be shown.

You are charged every time somebody clicks on your ad. The cost you pay depends on how popular the keywords you use are. For example the keyword Finance could cost as much as £5.54 per click! Whereas the keyword ‘Plumber In Bristol’ would cost 78p per click. If your ads are not clicked, your site could appear many times without you being charged.

Consider carefully the words you think your clients are most likely to use. For example; if one of your keywords is ‘Plumber In Bristol’ and a user types this into the search engines your ad will be triggered.  The position your ad appears in, in relation to similar ads will depend on several factors. They take into account how well your ads are written, the price you are prepared to pay and how relevant Google thinks your site is.

Most PPC systems are auction based, so you can directly influence the position your Ad. The more you are prepared to pay the better the position in the sponsored results you will gain.

You can read more on how PPC works in our blog post Search Engine Optimisation - PPC

 Who To Use

Below are the three most used search engines and a link to their webpages to get you started.




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