How to paste in HTML code to add tools and effects

How to paste in HTML code to add tools and effects


If you have been given code to paste into your site we show you how to do this.

It is possible to add your own little add-ons that you can get free from the web (such as chat rooms, webpage counters, Google ads etc, ) or perhaps pay for (such as appointment booking diaries etc).

Whatever tools you want to add will require you pasting some special code to your site.

Don’t worry about it appearing scary or unfamiliar. You don’y have to understand the code, just be able to paste it in.  Follow these instructions and you can add the tools to you site.

Step1. Go to the website that has the add-ons.  To copy the code, use the keyboard keys (CTRL + C)

Step2. Login to your website control panel and edit the page where you want to place the add-on.

Step3. Click the button that says [SHOW HTML]. 

website html pasting

Step4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and paste in the code. Use the keyboard keys (CTRL + V).

Step5. Toggle the [SHOW HTML] button and SAVE the page.

 What if you don’t want it at the bottom ?

The instructions in step4 (above) tell you to place the code at the bottom because we don’t want you to accidentally corrupt the code that is there.

If you want to place the new tool in a different place then do the following.

Before doing Step2 above place some recognisable characters in the page exactly where you want the new tool to go (e.g. “xxxxxxxxx”) when you then click Step2 look for the characters that you added in the editor.

When you find these characters in the code you must then replace ONLY these characters with the code that you are pasting. Make sure not to accidentally change any code that is there.

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