Put Advertising On Your Site

Put Advertising On Your Site


Earn from your website by adding advertising.

How Does It Work?

Businesses often pay to advertise with search engines such as Google.  This scheme is known as Pay Per Click advertising - PPC

As part of the PPC scheme advertisers can opt to have their ads shown in the search listings and also on Google's content network. The Content Network is formed of businesses big or small who are happy to show other companies ads on their website in return for a small fee. The advertiser writes the ads and tells Google, by using keywords what type of site they want their ads to be shown on.

For example an ad for a company selling gardening tools may appear on a site that gives gardening advice. That way the ads are only shown to people who Google already know may be interested in that type of product or service. Most of the search engines have this facility; the biggest by far is Google Adsense.

What Is Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a flexible, hassle-free way to earn revenue by showing relevant and engaging ads alongside your online content. You can easily show AdSense ads on your website, mobile sites, and site search results.

How Do You Put Google Ads Onto Your Website?

First you need to sign up for a Google AdSense account by going to the webpage www.google.com/adsense.  Once you have your account, and you are signed in, you can choose how the ad looks and where it will be placed on your site. You also have some say in the type of ad your site displays.


Once you've made your selections Google creates a piece of code specifically for you, this will need to be added to your website. If you would like help in adding HTML code into your webpage’s then please Click Here.

The ads will begin to show and every time a visitor to your site clicks on one of the ads Google pays you. The amount is added to your account which you can withdraw whenever you wish.

Through your AdSense account you will be able to see the income generated by the clicks, and select how you wish to be paid.

What Other Advertising Is Available

If it isn’t other small businesses PPC adverts you want coming up on your website then you may want to consider companies such as Amazon and 123-reg. In fact you will find that most companies will provide some kind of affiliate program.

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