Using Picasa

Using Picasa


How to use the picture editing software Picasa to resize your images.

What is Picasa

Picasa is a free software program supplied by Google. build a website

Once downloaded it automatically sorts all the images stored on your computer.  By pre-sorting your images you can easily modify the sizes either individually or in bulk. Other features include minor touch ups, creating collages and sending as an email etc.

If you are looking for a package to simply manage and reduce the size of your images then Picasa is ideal. Alternatively for more editing features we recommend another package from Google called Picnik. Although Picnik does not have the bulk uploading and resizing capabilitie of Picasa it does provide extensive editing tools, inclusion of text and effects. For more go to our blog post Using Picnik to edit images

Resizing Images

The following instructions will demonstrate how to reduce the size of your images ready to use on your website.

  1. Go to the Picasa website at
  2. Click 'Download Picasa'build a website
  3. Once downloaded allow Picasa to automatically search and catalogue your images. It sorts the images into folders exactly as they are on your computer.

This may take sometime depending on the number of images you have.

  1. Select from this list the image you want to re-size. Alternatively you can select a whole folder or multiple images by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, and clicking on each image.
  2. Once selected click: 'Export' (located at the bottom of the screen)

    build a website
  3. Where prompted select the where you want to save the image such as on your Desktop
  4. Create the name of the file you want the images to be saved to.


Tip: Create a file on your PC that just contains images that are reduced especially for your website. Place this file where it is easy to access and give it a name such as "Re-sized web images".  Your website images are then easily accessible when you need them.

build a website

8.  Select to re-size the images

9. Choose an image size no more than 400 pixels    by moving the slider bar or typing in the box provided.

10. Click 'Export'

11. Your images have now been re-sized and saved  to the file you created ready to use. By default Picasa will now save all future images to this file.



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