Mult-Level menu Buttons

Mult-Level menu Buttons


As you create more and more webpages or even groups of items for sale you may wish to create multi-level buttons. You can now setup a simpler and more structured way to navigate your clients to the pages or items that interest them.

Creating multi-level menu buttons on your website

To start just click the Organise Pages link in Step3.

You will immediately be shown the main drag and drop screen similar to that shown below.

Above the drag and drop area you will see a little flash movie running in a loop. If you have never used the system before , it may be a good idea to watch the movie. It will show you how to:

  • Drag and Drop pages/ groups and items and create a new navigation menu;
  • Drag multiple pages to save time;
  • Double click to edit the display name;
  • Remove page from the menu.

New features:

  • You can now create up to three levels of buttons and the system produces this automatically;
  • You can have one page appear multiple times in different locations throughout your menu;
  • Have unlimited menu text length (can be different from your step3 page name);
  • Jump in and out of the button style creation tools so you can tweak the way your menu style and the content;
  • Show your groups and items in the left menu;
  • Drag your popular items onto the main menu bar, reducing clicks and improving sales.

How it works.

It really could not be simpler:

Just drag the webpages you have built from the left side to the right side and click the [SHOW ME] button. 

As soon as you click the button, you can see the changes live, instantly on your website.

The new drag and drop system is fully compatible with the Reason8 customised button tools.

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