Verifying your site with Google

Verifying your site with Google


How to verify your website with Google.

Why verify your website with Google

By verifying your website, Google provides you with a range of tools that help you to see your website as they do. It also shows Google that yours is a bona fide website.

Once you have initially verified with Google you can easily resubmit the amendments with a click of a button, through the website control panel. When your site needs to be resubmitted you will see the Google Icon to the left of the control panel enlarge with the message Click to Update.

What Will I Need To Verify My Website With Google

  •  A Google account. If you don’t already have an account and require help in setting one up Click Here.

Submitting Your Website To Google

1.    Go to the web address

2.    Log in to your Google account.

3.    Click the button “ADD A SITE” on the right side of the page.

4.    Enter your websites address e.g. -

5.    Click continue.

6.    Click the heading “Alternate Methods”.

7.    Select the top option ‘HTML file upload’.

8.    In step 1 copy the string of alphanumerical characters, beginning with google and ending in .html. Do not include the brackets The code you are supplied will look like this –

Do not click ‘Verify’ at this stage but keep this webpage open as you will need to come back here.

9.    Log in to your Reason8 websites control panel.

10.    Click the button “Get to know Google” on the left.

11.    Click Google.

12.    Paste the code supplied by Google earlier into step 3.

13.    Click submit.


14.    Return to the Google verify page.

15.    Click verify button at the bottom of the instructions.

16.    The screen should show that the website has now been verified.

17.    If the verification has failed, check the code in step 7 and repeat steps 7 – 16 if incorrect.


The website may not immediately show as being verified. The process of Google finding the file and confirming the content can take some time. If this is the case log back into Google later to check that the verification has been successful.



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