What is Twitter ?

How Twitter works

All  messages sent on Twitter are a maximum of 140 characters long. The messages, known as "Tweets" are sent out in real time and can be viewed by anybody. The principle is that people are more likely to read and respond to a short message that doesn't take too long to read.

You can decide whose messages you want to listen to by following people. In return others can follow you to hear what you are saying. Alternatively you can search to hear what everybody is saying on a specific topic.

For example if you can't log into EBay, you could use Twitter to find out if the problem is affecting others. Or if you can listen to the absolute breaking news by following the news channels.

To secure your business name and get an account go to

How will it benefit you?

Twitter allows you to create direct and real time dialogue with your clients. The following are some of the ways it can be used:

  • Keeping people updated on changes in your business
  • Interact and provide real time answers to client queries
  • Show a personal side to your business
  • Pass on useful information clients may find beneficial
  • Give offers to those who actively listen to your Tweets

This type of interaction keeps you closer to your clients. By tweeting about your subject of expertise you can begin to amass followers that are interested in what you have to say. This is another way of driving traffic to your website and marketing your business.

Will it help with the search engines?

Your Twitter profile displays your website address and will show up in the search engine listings.  This provides your website with extra exposure.

Google and Bing have recently announced they will be listing Tweets in their search results. So users can search for the latest news on the subjects that interest them. Those that regularly Tweet about their business and have a good following may also find their 'Tweets' indexed in Google alone with their main listing.

How do you search Twitter?

Twitter has a search bar similar to Google, so you can search for what people are saying about any topic that interests you. 

How do you follow Reason8?

We will be regularly tweeting on the subjects that matter to our website owners, and offering freebies to those who listen in.

To follow us go to

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