Changing email reply address - Outlook 2007

Changing email reply address - Outlook 2007


How to set up Outlook 2007 to reply from a different email address.

What is email forwarding?

Email forwarding is the simplest way to have a professional email address without the constraints of limited storage space and use. It also means that you can easily manage several professional email addresses in one place.

One of the big misconceptions on the internet is that your email "reply address" is somehow "real" or "correct".

In fact, your email "reply address" is just like the reply address on the outside of a snail-mail envelope.

The email reply address simply tells the recipient how to write back to you,  but, this address can be anything. I can set my email software to have any reply address I want even bill.gates@microsoft !!

Why Change Your Email Reply Address?

If you are using the email forwarding service provided by Reason8, then you will want your email to show your forwarding address instead of your "real" address.

For example, if you were John Smith and your real email address was but you were using a forwarding address of, you would want your email to show That way when people replied to you, and more importantly, when they put you in their address book, they would use your forwarding email address. You can easily set this up by using Outlook or Outlook Express.

How to change the settings in Outlook and Outlook Express

The particular steps here only work for Outlook and for Outlook Express. If you are using different email software, you will need to consult that software to identify how to change your email reply address.

First start by opening your Outlook or Outlook Express program. Please note: you should already have set up your emails to run through the program first.

  1. Click on "Tools"   
  2. Click on "Account Settings   
  3. Click on the "Email" tab    
  4. Double click on the account labeled as your "default" account
  5. Click on "More Settings"
  6. Under "User Information",on the Change email account page. The "Name" is the name that    will show in the reply address. You may change this if you wish. i.e John Smith Car Sales
  7. Under "User Information", the "E-mail address" is the reply address that will be used as your from or reply address. This is where you change your reply address i.e.
  8. Click OK.

You will now have changed the address that will show as the From address when you send an email and that will be used as a Reply address when someone clicks Reply.

That's all there is to it !

Creating Another Email Address

What happens if you want to use two different email addresses (say and and forward them both to ?

Simply create a second email account using the exact settings as the first. This time when following steps 6 & 7 as above, enter in a different name and email reply address. This can be repeated as many time as you need.

Each of these new accounts will be added to the drop down box underneath the send button.

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