Setting up POP3 Webmail

Setting up POP3 Webmail


If you have upgraded your account and added professional webmail these instructions will show you how to set it up.

Upgrading to Professional POP3 Email Service

For those businesses who require more control over their email then upgrading to POP3 webmail is the solution.

A POP3 webmail is used in place of free provider such as BT, Yahoo or Hotmail. You  are given access to a powerful control panel that allows you to set up and manage your own email accounts.

Each address can be set up with its own username and pasword. Emails are retreived either via a secure internet login or by connecting to an email client such as Microsoft Outlook.

Setting Up for the first time

When you first upgrade to POP3 webmail you will be sent an email which contains the login information you require to set up your emails.

This email is important and your webmail cannot be set up without it. If you have not received your email within 30 minutes check your spam filter to ensure it has not been mistaken for Spam. if you still haven't received it then you will need to contact us to retreive a copy.

To manage your emails we need to give you full access to your server. This service is intended for confident computer users.  Although the operations are not complex it will require you to spend some time configuring your email and learning about the configuration settings.

You will see that a dummy email account has already been set up for you. This account can be used to see how the email should be set up. You may wish todelete it once you are confident you can set the emails up.

Logging in

To login you must type into your browser (note the lack of 'www')

Enter your username and password, (case sensitive)

We recommend keeping the address and username/ passwords of this portal highly confidential as a malicious user can inflict significant damage to your email through this gateway.

Once Logged In

  1. Click the small blue double arrow to the right of where is says PLESK News
    This will close the notifications screen and show you the Tools menu
  2. In Tools, click Create Mail Account
  3. Click your domain name
  4. This will bring up 'Create Mail Account for the Domain'
  5. Enter next to your domain name the email prefix your require
  6. Give the email account a password and confirm the entry
  7. Click Finish
  8. Your email account is now set up

You can create and delete all your mail accounts here by following these steps

Getting More Help

We urge you to click the help link on the left of your page.  However if you are still confused there are a range of useful flash help movies available just click to choose an appropriate movie.

Setting up Outlook

If you wish to setup Outlook to use your email accounts we also recommend viewing our help movie by clicking  We have setup the email as POP3 so that you can download to Outlook.

Accessing your email

You can gain access to your email over the web from any connected computer.

The address of the webmail service to view your emails is : http://webmail.your domain replacing "your domain name " with your own address.     - note the lack of www

To login enter the prefix of your email (e.g. info) and enter the password that you setup.

One final request:

As a courtesy to other users, if you use MS Outlook please do NOT leave messages
on server ensuring your inbox as small as possible.  This will keep your email working smoothly. 

We have a policy of not imposing limits on mailbox size or bandwidth as we understand that usage can fluctuate.  This policy will remain in force so long as this privilege is not abused.  Bandwidth and storage are monitored regularly



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