Step2: Create your Website Design

Step2: Create your Website Design


Now everyone can easily create a beautifully customised website using the Reason8 Website Design Editor

Pre-Created designs (or “templates”) are a great way of quickly adding a design theme to your website.  But they can be restrictive and are rarely editable. Now with Reason8’s Website Design Editor you get the best of both worlds. A professional design that is completely customisable.

Every aspect of your professional design can be changed. You can select your own colour scheme, add images and animate your text.

Best of all its easy to use, and there are No technical skills required

The Website Design Editor builder works by checking boxes moving slider bars and dragging your text and images.

Customise Backgrounds

Select your own background colours from a choice of over 16 million or use the inbuilt colour picker to exactly match the colour of your choice.  You can even adjust the size of your header, round the corners and create clever effects by blending background colours.

Add & Edit Images

All the images within your design can be changed. They can be removed or replaced with your own or one’s from our extensive library. 

As well as resizing images you can add simple effects such as rotation, shadow or blending. You can even round the corners and change the image colour.

Create & Animate Text

Reason8’s drag and drop technology lets you easily add multiple lines of text. Once added you can change the text size font colour and exact position. To accentuate your message your text can have shadow, reflection or bevelled edges. Once you’ve finished, your text can be easily animated by selecting one of the many in-built animation options. By simply checking a box you can see your text come to life with movement.

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