Creating a products page for your products

Creating a products page for your products


A products page is an effective way of displaying your products and connecting your store to your website.

Within your Reason8 website you can group your items into categories. This makes it easier to manage your store, and for your visitors to find what they want.

Once you’ve created your groups and added your items you need to link them to your website.

The most effective way of doing this is to create a ‘Products’ page. The products page shows visitors all the groups of items you have within your website. Each group has a representative image and title that lead to the group when clicked.

This is an example of a layout for a  ‘Products’ page.


build a website


There are 3 steps to creating a products page

1.  Create a table to hold the text and images.

2.  Add the text & images

3.  Create the link from the text & Images to the Groups pages

 Step 1 - Creating a table to hold the text & images

1.   Place the cursor on blank page you are creating your products page on.  

2.   Click Insert/Edit Table

In the Table Properties box enter the following fields to create a table to hold 9 images.

Rows 3
Columns 3
Width  100 percent
Cell spacing 3
Cell padding 3


3.    Click Add to website

The table that appears on your page will consist of a faint grid, as depicted in the image below. 

Click here for a full guide on Adding Tables


Step 2  - Adding Text & image


1.    Place your cursor in the first box of the grid created in Step 1

2.    Click Insert Edit Image

 build a website

3.    Select from your image library / upload an image that represents one of your groups. Set the image size to approximately 200 wide  (leave the height)

The size of the images can be adjusted once all the images have been placed.

4.    Click Add to Website

5.    Repeat 1 – 4 each time adding an image that represents  a group to a new box of the grid.


1.    Text can be added once all the images have been inserted.

2.    Right click an image in the first row

3.    In the menu that appears select Row then Insert Row After

build a website

4.    A new row of boxes will appear underneath the images

5.    Underneath each image insert the name of the group that the image represents

6.    Repeat 1 – 5 for each row of your table until all your images have a title

Step 3 – Creating links to your groups.

1.    Click the first image to select it
2.    Click Insert/Edit Link

build a website

3.    Click Webpage
4.    Click Internal Webpage
5.    Click Group
6.    Select the Group you want to link to from the drop down list
7.    Click Add to Website

8.    Repeat  1 – 7 until each image has been linked to the group it represents

13.    Then repeat steps 1-7 this time highlighting the text to create a link to the groups. 


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