Uploading Documents to your website

Uploading Documents to your website


Uploading new Microsoft documents to your website.

Uploading Documents to your website

Most types of documents can be uploaded directly to your website.

Links can then be created to these documents so visitors can view or download. Your Reason8 website has enough space to store over 5000kb worth of documents. 

What documents can be uploaded?

There are several types of document that can be uploaded to your website

  • Microsoft Word               (.doc)
  • Adobe Acrobat                (.pdf)
  • Text files                            (.txt)
  • Zipped files                      (.zip)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint     (.ppt)
  • Microsoft Excel                 (.xls)

You can always tell which program created a document by the last 3 or 4 letters added to the end of the name. Each program has its own set of identifiers as shown in the list above.

For Example:


What documents cannot be Uploaded?

In 2008 Microsoft updated all their software products. Any documents created using this new software are given a different set of endings that now have an extra character on the end which for most files is an x .

For Example:


The downside is that to view these documents you need to have the same version of the software that was used to create them.

Unfortunately he majority of people still use the old versions of Microsoft’s software. This means that if you upload and link to a document in the new format then most of your clients would not be able to read it.

To prevent this from happening we have blocked the uploading of the new type of Microsoft documents.

Converting your documents to the old Microsoft format.

Converting your document to a format that all your users can read is easy. The following steps will show you how:

  1. Open the document you want to convert
  2. Click the Microsoft symbol at the top left of the document.
  3. Click ‘Save As’
  4. Select a name you wish to save the document in.
  5. Next to ‘Save as Type’ select ‘Word 97–2003 Document’ (if Excel - Excel 97-2003)
  6. Click ‘Save’
  7. The document will now be saved in the new format ready to upload.

For full instructions on Uploading and linking to documents please see our User guide entry Linking to a document 



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