Saving your pages

Saving your pages


How to create a back up of your pages before making major changes.

Here at Resaon8 all the content on your website is 100% safe. We back your data up in two locations 4 times a day, 365 days a year.

However if you are planning on making big changes to your webpages it may benfit you to create a copy of your page before you start. That way if you don't like the changes you've made you can return the page to exactly how it was before you began.

Saving the content of your page

  1. Log into your website control panel.
  2. Click Step 3 Webpages
  3. Click the green edit button next to the name of the page you want to save
  4. Click Show HTML in the editor bar - This displays the code that creates the text and layout of your page
  5. Highlight the content of the email and click CTRL C on your keyboard
  6. Open Notepad on your computer (Free program on all computers found by clicking Start)
  7. Place your mouse on teh page and click CTRL V (to copy the text)
  8. Save the page by giving it the name of your webpage and the date, to make it easy to find when necessary.
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