Point your domain name to Reason8 : EASY

Point your domain name to Reason8 : EASY


Want to use a domain name that you have purchased with another company here's a short description of how to do it ?

This is the simple description of what to do and it applies to you if you do NOT use this domain name for your email addresses  (such as info@yourdomain.co.uk) OR you do use it but then automatically redirect mail to your own private mailbox (such as yahoo or gmail etc).

If you use a mailbox with this domain name and pick up your mail using a webmail service and an email client such as Outlook then you need to view the slightly more complicated versionof these instructions  here .

Step 1 contact your domain registrar

If you can't remember where you purchased the domain name (your domain registrar) then try going to this webpage (www.dnstools.com)and enter your domain name in the box.  It will give you all kinds of information about your domain name.

Step2 log into their control panel

Once you have figured out who you used to buy the domain name, you need to login to the control panel they gave you. 

Step3 find the section on managing domains and 'DNS'

Once logged in to their control panel you need to figure out how to make changes to your domain name settings.  If you are not familiar with the control panel,  you might stumble around until you finally find what you are looking for.

Step  4 Find out where you can change the 'NAMESERVERS' 

This is the Jargon bit !  To point your domain name to your website you need to change the 'nameservers' (sometimes called DNS servers) of your domain name.  Think of these as little pointers that pass control of your domain name to our servers.

Once you have found this section you need to make the following changes to the primary and secondary nameservers:

Primary Nameserver:  ns.reason8.com

Secondary Nameserver: ns1.reason8.com

And that's it !  But remember, you will still have to keep renewing this domain name with your registrar otherwise it will stop working and your website will no longer show.

One final note: Changes won't happen instantly it can sometimes take up to 24 hours for these changes to propagate over the web. 

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