Adding Social Media Buttons

Adding Social Media Buttons


How to add social media buttons to your website.

What Are Social Media Buttons

Quite simply, social media buttons are buttons which link from your website to your social media pages. They are icons supplied by the social media company for public use to create links to your businesses social media.

What Will I Need

  • Your social media address. For example, if you are linking to your twitter account then your address would look like –
  • The social media button to place on your webpage and create the link from. Below are some buttons you can save to your desktop and use.
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FaceBook Google Plus LinkedIn MySpace Pinterest Trust-A-Trader Twitter

How To Add Social Media Buttons

1.    Log into your Reason8 control panel.

2.    Click step 3.

3.    Select edit for the page you wish to place the buttons on. This is not limited and they can be placed on as many pages as you wish.

4.    Choose where you would like the social media buttons to appear on the page.

5.    Upload the buttons as you would a picture – See Here

6.    Create an external link form the button to your social media website – See Here

Tip: It is very common to keep all your social media buttons together. This can be neatly achieved by placing them in a table, Click Here to see how.


To keep up to date with Reason8, why not link up with us over social media using the below details.
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FaceBook Twitter Pinterest Linked In Google +


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