Change The Outgoing Email Name In Yahoo Mail

Change The Outgoing Email Name In Yahoo Mail


How to set up Yahoo mail to show a business associated sending and receiving email address.

Why Change The Outgoing Name In Yahoo

The only real reasons for this change would be professionalism and vanity. As the email service Reason8 provide is a redirect service and your email ends up in a personal account, when you reply via email your customers will be seeing your personal account details.

Yahoo gives you the option to change the outgoing mail name and also change the email address to which the client will reply.

What Will I Need

  • A Yahoo email account.
  • Your redirecting Reason8 email address, for example –

How To Change The Outgoing Email Name In Yahoo

1.    Go to the website

2.    Log into your Yahoo email account.

3.    Hover your mouse over the email options icon in the top right corner. <!--

4.    Select 'Mail Options'.

5.    Click ‘Mail Accounts’ in the advanced options.


6.    Input your desired ‘Sending Name’. This is how the email will appear in the recipient’s mailbox as being sent from.

7.    Input your desired ‘Reply-to Address’. This will make sure that when the recipient clicks reply to your email, they will see the correct business email address.


8.    Click save.

9.    Now upon receiving emails form you recipients will see the email as being from the ‘Sending Name’.


10.     And when your recipients reply to your email, they will be replying to your business address.


Tip: A vast number of clients set up a new email account to use for their business, as it is free. Sometimes running your businesses emails through your personal email account can get complicated.

Remember to inform Reason8 support if you change your emails address. Forgetting to do so will result in your redirection not being set correctly.

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