Add text created in Word to your pages

Add text created in Word to your pages


Add text created in programs such as Word, to your Reason 8 website

Can I cut and paste text directly onto my page?

You can, however there is an important consideration to make. Computer programs are all written in different languages;  like written and spoken languages the translations aren't always perfect.

When you copy text from one program to another, it carries with it some of the formatting (instructions on how to show the text) from the original program. This formatting you cant see, as it’s hidden in the code of the page. However it can have the effect of their being Gremlins on your pages, making your paragraphs and spacing difficult to manipulate. This happens because the imported code is giving conflicting instructions to the editor on your website. 

Did you know? - That even if you delete all the text from your page the formatting will still be left behind! 

How to add Word text to your page.

  1. Log into your website control panel
  2. Click 'Step 3 Webpages'
  3. Click to edit the page you want to add the text to
  4. Open the word document
  5. Highlight the text and copy it by pressing 'Ctrl C'
  6. Back on your webpage place your cursor in the position you want the text to appear
  7. In the editor bar click the icon with a picture of a Clipboard and the Notepad logo.
  8. When the box opens paste in the text by pressing 'Ctrl V'
  9. Click 'Add to website'
  10. The text will now appear in the location you placed the cursor, without any formatting
  11. Now use the editor to add in any formatting you require.
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