Your Reason8 website is about to be upgraded

Your Reason8 website is about to be upgraded


Big changes are afoot here at Reason8. We are in the process of the biggest upgrade in our technology for 10 years.

This upgrade is free to all Reason8 users and over the coming weeks your site will automatically be switched to our new ‘framework’.

Some sites will transfer across automatically, other more complex sites may need some help. If you don’t hear from us then your site will automatically be upgraded by the end of June.

What does this mean for your website?

Mobile ready sites

Once your site is upgraded your website will magically transform to fit the screen of the device your visitor is using.  On mobile phones and tablets held vertically your site will behave like an 'App' with all your content scaled and positioned automatically  This is particularly important, as by the end of 2014 it is predicted that the Internet will be accessed more on mobile devices then it will be on traditional PC’s and Mac’s.
Additionally your contact us page will include a telephone number link and access to a map when viewed on a mobile phone. This will make it easier than ever for clients to get in touch.

Easily Insert YouTube Videos

With video content booming we’ve made it even easier to add video to your website. Simply click where you want the video to appear. Click our new YouTube button and search for your video or enter the direct link. You can then adjust the size of the video and hey presto it’s live on your website.

New Contact Us page

Your contact us page has also had a makeover. With an embedded form and new modern buttons we are certain you’ll like the improvements to this vitally important page.
Modern, multi-column layouts
Once your site has been migrated, You will be able to use our new ‘Columns’ button to create the layout of your choice. Columns are much easier to use and unlike tables will adjust automatically to the size of the users device. Columns work on a row by row basis giving you an infinite number of page layout options.

Inserting Code

You’ve always been able to add extra functionality to your website by inserting code onto your pages. We’ve now made this even easier to do. Just click where you would like the functionality to appear on your website, click the insert code button within the editor and paste the code into the box provided. Once saved the extra functionality will be added exactly where you need it.

Cloud Hosting

There is a lot going on behind the scenes too.  We are making a significant investment and migrating your site to 'The Cloud'.  The days of your website sitting on a single computer in a 'dusty' datacentre is nearly over. Cloud hosting will be far quicker and more reliable than traditional hosting has ever been.  By the end of the year your site will exist in multiple physical locations.  Should there ever be a problem in one location, your visitors will instantly be routed to an alternative location while we resolve any problems.  No more downtime, faster load times and a much more professional service than any of our competitors.

So what is next?

This upgrade will now allow us to add many new features that we’ve been unable to give you in the past. Features such as:

•    New control Panel
•    Automatic gallery builder
•    Integrated forms
•    Updated shopping cart!
•    New page layout options
•    Additional template features
•    Plus many more………..

The Internet is changing and we want your website and business to benefit from everything that new technology has to offer.

So look out for our emails over the coming months with more on the future changes.

If you have any questions arising from the upgrade and how it may affect your website then please do call us on 0845 351 0414 or email us at

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