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Google Site mapping and 14 day submission

We tell Google which pages on the web site you have built to visit and how often, then we resubmit your sitemap every 14 days.

In 2007 Google started testing a new service for webmasters.  It was different.  This time they were allowing owners of websites to tell them what pages to search and how often.

To Google this was great as they could prioritise their systems to collect the information that was the most important and revisit only when content was likely to have changed.  In return they promised to give webmasters the chance to learn lots more about their websites. The only problem was the maps of the websites were complicated and had to be written in a language called XML.  Reason8 saw the opportunity and stepped in to simplify the problem. 

We build your Google XML site map for you.  All you have to do is create a Google account and tell them where to look for it .  Once you have done this Google will give you loads of info about your site and help you to refine how you write your site content so you get found for the search terms that makes you the most money.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Every time you make a structural change on your website (such as create/ delete or rename a page) we re-create your site map and then automatically re-submit it to Google.

Even if you don’t regularly login to your site, we still resubmit your site every 14 days so that Google knows your site is still active and ensuring your ranking improves.

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