make a website

Flash headers and HTML content

Have a professional animated website header designed but a web site structured in a way that search engines love.

Getting found on the search engines relies on many factors and we work hard to make sure we build your website so that it does well.  We also try and give you all the information you need to make the changes required to get great search engine placement for your website.

However, there is often a conflict between how a website looks and how ‘readable’ it is by the search engines.  Flash websites provide great looking images and effects but are notorious for getting poor search engine rankings. 

With Reason8 you can have your ‘flash cake’ and eat it.  We offer you the best of both worlds.  You can have a flash heading on your website with all the animation and visual effects that come with it, but the body of the website that you create - where you enter all your company information - is held in a language that Search engines Love. 

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