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Website Builder Features

Just a few of the many features click the icon to find out more.

UK help and support

Reason8 operates a British service with friendly British support people who are always ready to help..

Design based on your business not a library

Don't settle for a template that will never be right - we give you a professional designer to create the look that suits your business .

We are a solid and profitable company

in these times of financial uncertainty is makes sense to choose the right partner.

Professional Email Solutions

Professional email solutions

Use your domain name as an email and look much more professional.

Help videos that show you what to do step by step

We want you to learn our systems quickly. Videos are a great way to do this. We give you full free access to a our video library.

Get help creating your content

Not everyone has the same amount of time or technical skills. If you need help creating your content, we can recommend a third party.

Nothing to Install

Nothing to install

You will never have to install or un-install our software onto your computer – just login and go !

Free upgrades for life

When we release new software, we will upgrade your account for free, forever.

We Filter all the Jargon

No Jargon – no experience necessary

There is no jargon in the Reason8 website editor. Nothing technical to learn. We offer simple tools in plain English.

Designed only for business

Our focus is only on small businesses..

Copy from microsoft Applications

Copy from Microsoft applications and websites

Cut from Microsoft World, Excel and powerpoint and paste straight into your website !

Image sizing and manipulation

Use Reason8’s simple drag & drop and click &resize system to manage the images online.

100,000 free images to help you

Easily find and add images to your website from the 100,000 images in our  library.

Thumbnail management and perfectly sized images

Create slick auto-sized pop-ups to display larger images.

Lock pages and manage passwords

You can lock pages and make them accessible to certain users. 

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Super fast systems and connection

Our website maker servers are connected to the fibre optic backbone of the internet.

world class data centres

World class data centres

Your website will in our servers in one of the UK’s leading datacentres.

Daily Backups

Daily backups

Sleep soundly we are taking create care of your website.

99% uptime guarantee

99.9% uptime guarantee

Our technology will make sure your website is available and fast at all times.

Monthly payment to help cash flow

Spread your annual payment over a whole year and look after your cash

Online billing and VAT receipts

We store all your VAT receipts so you can print them when you need to.

A skeleton built for search engines

All Reason8 websites are built from the ground up with the search engines in mind.

Integrated Shopping cart

Click one button and a complete world class shopping basket system is added.

Link a Paypal Checkout with a single click

Add paypal as a payment option inside your shopping basket.

Customers who bought this.. also bought this…

Sell more by offering other relevant products at checkout.

Page-by-page search engine key-words and meta tags

Choose different search engine words that will find the different pages on your website.

Google Submission

Search Engine submission every 14 days

We submit your site to Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Google Site mapping and validation

We tell Google which pages to visit and how often, then resubmit your site every 14 days.

Best of both worlds – Flash and HTML content

Have a professional animated header but a website structured in a way that search engines love.

Daily Backups

Website Statistics

Add a graphical professional visitor statistics package to your website .

Add your own videos

Add videos from your own Reason8 library or embed them from You Tube.

Add your own sound files

Add sound files within free online MP3 player

Add flash movies

Add amazing flash effects direct to your webpage.

Easily switch off out of stock items

Hide Out-Of-Stock  items with a single click.

Auto catalogue pages

Automatically configure your own product brochure page.

Offer bulk purchase discounts

Offer a discount to your high value customers when they order items in bulk.

Product options and variations

Enter variations of the same products easily and offer your clients a way of choosing different options with drop down menus.

Manage your items for sale

Manage your items for sale one by one inside a professional database.

Automated Contact Us page

Automatically generate a contact page with automated maps and forms.

Free placement on directories

We boost your search engine ranking by putting you on well respected directories.

Change your credit card online

Our billing interface makes it easy to change your payment card.

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