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Website builder packages

Our service offers fantastic value for money for small businesses looking for a website that delivers results.

Reason8 is designed for business owners who are looking for a professional, fast, easy website and email solution. We offer premium support, great results with Google and a customised design service.

We have built more than 50,000 websites for UK businesses.

Monthly prices    What do you get for your money ?





Simple website builder tools

Friendly telephone help and support

Number of webpages (upgradeable)





Professional e-mail addresses (upgradeable)





Website statistics and visitor information
High rankings on Google and powerful search engines optimisation tools


Online shop

Shopping basket with credit/ debit cards/ PayPal

No. of items for display/ sale (upgradeable)



In addition to the prices above there is a one-time standard setup fee.

***** OFFER - Our standard setup fee - SLASHED from £199 to just £95 *****

Domain Costs (more info)

Your website needs its own a " domain name ". A domain name is the unique address of your website. If you have already bought a domain name then you can point it to your website (we charge just £1 per month for each domain name you want to use with your website). Alternatively, if you want us to purchase your domain name and deal with all the admin and renewals then we charge £2.50 per month)

Purchase of a domain name of your choice £2.50
Use your existing domain name £1.00

Upgrade Extras (more info)

When you select a package and go live you will gain access to the upgrade centre where you will be able to upgrade your website and add extras that help your business to succeed online. A few of the many possible upgrades are shown below:

Extra webpages 50p each
Additional e-mail accounts £1
Extra products for sale 5p each
Unlimited bandwidth and storage space FREE

Monthly payment

The setup and first month's fees are taken initially and then, to help cash flow, we take payments monthly via any standard credit or debit card.

Transparent Billing

We give you access to an online Billing area that allows you to see what financial information we hold. You can check your bank details, and your monthly billing amount. If you want to change the card details we hold (for example when it expires or if it is lost) you can do this automatically through a secure banking connection

VAT and Receipts

You can download individual VAT invoices for all your transactions (for the entire life of your account). These have been created in a printable form, showing a breakdown of NET and VAT amounts.

Customised Design

The only other costs that you may incur will be for a professional, slick customised flash design that can make your website look amazing. This is highly subsidised and we charge you just £40 (or £30 if you base your design on an existing template).


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