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Comprehensive knowledge papers addressing common problems.


Change your email reply address- Outlook 2003

How to set up Outlook 2003 to reply from a different email address. View The page

Changing email reply address - Outlook 2007

How to set up Outlook 2007 to reply from a different email address. View The page

Setting up POP3 Webmail

If you have upgraded your account and added professional webmail these instructions will show you how to set it up. View The page

Change The Outgoing Email Name In Yahoo Mail

How to set up Yahoo mail to show a business associated sending and receiving email address. View The page

Search Engines

Key Steps to Optimising Your Site

Key steps to optimising your Reason8 website and improve your search engine position. View The page

Search Engine Basics

A brief guide on search engines, and the role they play on the internet. View The page

Adding Social Media Buttons

How to add social media buttons to your website. View The page

Verifying your site with Google

How to verify your website with Google. View The page


What is Twitter ? View The page

Creating A Google Account

Short guide to creating a Google account. View The page

Google Places

How to register your company and website with Google Places and receive a map pin in your local search. View The page

Verifying Your Site With Bing And Yahoo

How to verify your website with Bing and Yahoo. View The page

Creating A Microsoft Account

How to create a Microsoft account. View The page

Domain names and DNS

What are Domain names?

This guide gives a brief introduction to Domain names (Website names) and how they affect your website. View The page

How domain names work

This guide provides a basic outline on how domain names work. It will equip you with enough information to manage your own domain name. View The page

Changing your domain registration company

If you are unhappy with the company your domain name is registered with it is possible to move. This guide will give you a basic outline on how to make the change. View The page

Pointing your domain from 123-Reg

This guide gives specific instructions on pointing a domain name purchased from 123-Reg, to your Reason8 website. View The page

Point your domain name to Reason8 : EASY

Want to use a domain name that you have purchased with another company here's a short description of how to do it ? View The page

Point your domain name to Reason8 : DIFFICULT VERSION

If you have purchased website with Reason8 and want to use a domain name that you have purchased with another company here's a short description of how to do it. This is the slightly MORE complicated description of what to do and it applies to you if you are currently using your domain name for email and have a mailbox where your mail is captured and use POP3 credentials to pull down mail to an email client such as Microsoft Outlook. View The page

Shopping basket

Set up your Shopping Basket

Turning on your shopping basket View The page

Creating a products page for your products

A products page is an effective way of displaying your products and connecting your store to your website. View The page

Upgraded Shopping Cart is on it's way

We need your help so we can improve View The page


Ordering a customised template design

Tips on getting the most out of your customised template design. View The page

Website Statistics

Understanding and Interpreting your website Statistics View The page

Creating great menu Buttons

One request that we hear often is "can I change my menu buttons?". As part of the updates we are making to Reason8, we thought we would create a simple and fun way to help you to change the navigation buttons on your site. We hope you have fun and we look forward to seeing great buttons that are styled to fit with your website design. This quick knowledge paper guides you through the basics of the new "Button Builder". View The page

Support Forum

Faster, easier support combined with the personal touch over the phone. What could be better. View The page

Mult-Level menu Buttons

As you create more and more webpages or even groups of items for sale you may wish to create multi-level buttons. You can now setup a simpler and more structured way to navigate your clients to the pages or items that interest them. View The page

Saving your pages

How to create a back up of your pages before making major changes. View The page

Want to get your Reason8 website for free?

Join the Reason8 Referral scheme and well pay you! View The page

Your Reason8 website is about to be upgraded

Big changes are afoot here at Reason8. We are in the process of the biggest upgrade in our technology for 10 years. View The page

Reason8 Security Update - The Heartbleed Bug

You may have heard talks in the media about a security breach affecting the Internet called Heartbleed. View The page

Editing your pages

Add text created in Word to your pages

Add text created in programs such as Word, to your Reason 8 website View The page

Adding code to your site

Adding code to your pages View The page

Linking to a specific point on another page

Allows you to link from a page on your website to a specific point on another page on your site. View The page

Uploading Documents to your website

Uploading new Microsoft documents to your website. View The page

Images, Video and Sound

Creating a gallery of Images

Create a grid of thumbnail images that open up with a dramatic effect. View The page

14 Day Trial Extra Help

Build a website in 3 simple Steps

We have designed the website building system in 3 simple steps. View The page

Step1: Choosing keywords

Choosing keywords that get you found on the search engines. View The page

Choose a professional website design

Our unique Website Design editor allows you to create your own website design or modify one from our template library. View The page

How to use tables to create a professional layout

You can achieve a professional layout for your webpages by using customised tables to structure your content. View The page

Step3: Create you first new webpage

Creating great looking webpages that you can edit is simple View The page

How to upload and add high quality images

This guide shows you how to make sure the quality of the images you add to your webpages is high. View The page

Cut and paste from Microsoft applications

You can take information and all its formatting from your favourate desktop applications and other websites. View The page

Creating an online shop and a shopping basket

This is a brief overview of the basic steps involved in creating a shop and switching on a website shopping basket. View The page

Add meta tags to get great search engine position

Help search engines by telling them what your website pages are about. View The page

How to paste in HTML code to add tools and effects

If you have been given code to paste into your site we show you how to do this. View The page

How to Lock your pages and assign passwords

You can assign levels of security and give your customers passwords to view your website pages. View The page

Add professional email addresses

It is no longer acceptable to advertise a 'free' email address in you main contact details. View The page

If you still need more time then let us know

If you don't want to go ahead after the 14 day trial, then we will archive your data. Otherwise, we can hold it for a bit longer if you need a bit more time. View The page

How to add a domain name ( ) to your website

When you buy your site you can attach your own personal domain name. View The page

Continue to edit your own website even after buying your site

When building a website with Reason8, you can add, delete and edit your pages whenever you choose. View The page

A few things you may not realise about your site

During your 14 day trial there are a few things that you may not realise about your website. View The page

Step2: Create your Website Design

Now everyone can easily create a beautifully customised website using the Reason8 Website Design Editor View The page

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